Milk for sale and we’re on the air.

Finally the milk drought has well and truly broken. With Ginger, Chloe and Norma all calved, happy and healthy the milk’s-a-flowin’. We will have lots of milk and yoghurt to sell at market this week and I’ll be offering some more people on the waiting list a CSA subscription this week. We’re up to people who put their name down in Sept 2020, emails will go out on Thursday so keep an eye out.

Chloe and CJ (Chloe junior), Elvis and Norma Jean

We were also lucky enough to be the subject of the latest Saltgrass episode. For those of you who don’t know Allie Hanly’s podcast which is ‘Exploring community responses to the climate crisis. Salt of the earth people, grassroots change.’ I can’t recommend it enough, many a bottle has been washed while pondering these interviews. Allie did a series of interviews with us at the coop, the previous two weeks being with Katie and the Orchard Keepers. Keep an ear out for the Gung Hoe Growers one.

Media is a funny thing. I’m sure mine is a very common experience when the subject it so close to your heart. I often find it a bit disappointing the perspective journalist take, the bits they leave out or the stupid things I’ve said which they focus on, it’s a constant learning process. However I can’t thank Allie enough for what she has put together in this episode. She has done such a beautiful job and it feels so true to our conversation and my intent. The sign of a great journalist I’d say. So I hope you enjoy and get addicted to working your way through the episodes.

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