Yoghurt systems go!

Sellar Farmhouse Creamery is very excited to finally launch our yoghurt!

Similar to our milk, the yoghurt comes in a 1ltr returnable jar.

It is yoghurt in it’s purest form, no additives, milk powders or thickeners. Just our beautiful herds milk, probiotic culture and pot set. You’ll notice the good thick layer of cream on our yoghurt which many have come to love with the milk. I scrap this off and use it as sour cream, however I know many people fight to be the person to open the jar; so they can take all the cream for themselves.

Our yoghurt is mild in flavour which makes it more versatile for sweet and savoury combinations. I often strain some in a cheese cloth for an even thicker yogurt to use as cream cheese or the base for dips and cake icing.

Available through the Castlemaine Farmers Market Weekly on Wednesday afternoons and for those luck enough to be on CSA subscriptions you can add it to your next milk order.

Yoghurt prices will be $10 per ltr from the farmers market and $9 for CSA customers. The standard $1 jar deposit will apply. Currently I’m only turning one days worth of milk into yoghurt so you’ll need to get in fast.

Ginger with the twins (Monte in the front and you can just see Carlos bum in the background)

From the spectacular foot hills of Leanganook, where we are so blessed to farm, the ladies and I thank you for all your support!

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