Home run

This time I mean it when I say we’re nearly there, I promise!

Sinks in

It’s been a while since I updated you on our progress, we’ve been busy getting the factory ready and now we’re so close to calling the inspectors.

We’ve put the equipment in.

Pasteuriser vat in.

Factory water plumbing is finished.What a luxury to have hot flowing water from the tank!

Hot and cold process water taps.

The coolroom’s fully operational.

Coolroom door operational.

The the main thing to go before we can get licensed is the data logging and automation of the heating and cooling of the pasteuriser vat which Oli and Sam are busy nerding out on.

Water heating and cooling system.

Then I make the call, get my Food Safety Plan signed off, have the factory and milking parlour inspected, make changes required, get licensed and start selling, well that’s the plan!

To begin with while milk is in small quantities and we are refining our systems we will be just selling bottled milk to patient friends and family, hopefully opening up to public sales in Spring. I will be selling through the farmers market for those who want ad hoc milk and for those more regular dairy consumers, sales will be via a CSA subscription model.

This will will require you to make an order via my Open Food Network online shop where you can choose your desired quantity and pick up location. When you begin, monthly prepayment will be required. To decrease the admin at my end this will increase to a 3 monthly payment once you’ve got a feel for the routine and how much you consume. If any of this is difficult to navigate or afford please contact me and I may be able to help. I want this to be as accessible as possible for people. If you would like to go onto the waiting list for orders, pop your name and email in the form below. I will keep you updated on when CSA subscriptions become available.

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Waiting for their ration, soon to be lactating themselves.

The other exciting, timely news will be the arrival of new calves. Daisybell is due today to be having her 6th and final calf, it will be her first pure jersey calf so I’ve got my fingers crossed for a heifer.

A very wide Daisybell

Olive, or boomba as she’s become known is having her first calf. Slightly overweight and 4 years old is not ideal to be having her first calf without problems, I’m watching like a hawk for any signs of milk fever or trouble calving, ready to jump in and assist if needed. Udders are bagging up, bellies are dropping, hips are widening and swags are slowing.

Olives udder developing

I can’t wait to start selling. Building took so much longer than planned but I must say it’s been so valuable to have this last year to focus on developing and improving herd and land systems, without which none of this is possible. Being slightly more confident in these areas I can now move some focus onto processing and customer systems.

As always, thanks for your patience! I can’t wait to share our liquid gold!

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  1. I wish I lived close by so I could enjoy the benefits! Nevermind, it’s fascinating to learn more of what’s involved in setting up a small scale, sustainable dairy and I wish you the very best. My best is to purchase the occasional glass bottle full of milk at Harris Farm who source it from a local supplier and bring the bottles back to them for reuse. It’s the least I can do…

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